Porla and Pine

Tracey Development, Theme implementation

A break away from Divi theme with this one.  A gorgeous lifestyle brand that made me feel relaxed every time I worked on it.  Helen had clear visions for the site and provided the designs for me to build.  There was nothing tricky with this build, with a small amount of custom css.  During the last minutes of the build we had the fun of complying with GDPR too!


Tracey Theme implementation

Animalhausmedia is another site built for Nichole.  Again we used Divi and global modules to quickly create this resource for Pet Photographers.  Many elements were also reused for StockPetPhotography as the child brand to Animalhaus.  Nichole provided the design outline for me to build all the modules and put it all together.


Tracey Development, Theme implementation

More work for one of my favourite clients.  I’ve been working with Nichole on projects for over two years now.  This was a lovely project bringing her personal brand to life.  Nichole provided the solid design work for me to implement using Divi.  There were many similar design elements so I made good use of developing Divi library global modules to sped up development time and streamline changes.

Greyboy Pet Prints – Reboot

Tracey Theme implementation

Since Mandi’s first build went live she’d kept in touch and asked me to do the odd update here and there.  But towards the end of 2017 her theme was no longer updating well and lots of niggly issues appeared.  She asked me to help her change themes and I moved Greyboy Pet Prints to Divi.  It was a nice quick project as Divi is so easy to build with and we were just more or less transferring the current design.  

Hilarious Hound

Tracey Development, Theme implementation

This was such a fun site to build.  Michelle approached me with a fabulous design by her sister in law, which I then brought to life using Divi.  Using pdf page layouts I created all the relevant sections and put them in place.  There were some slightly tricky css elements within the design but it was a great challenge to not try and compromise the original design.  One of the most interesting aspects of the site is the logo that swaps on scroll.  Michelle is now able to take care of the site herself. Theme implementation CSS and Responsive design Site … Read More


Tracey Theme implementation

Catiospaces was a joint effort using a branding expert, designer, copywriter and SEO expert. My main role was taking the design and turning it into a WordPress site using the Divi Theme. Theme implementation CSS and Responsive design Site Speed Documentation  

Your Life Story

Tracey Branding, Design, Development, Theme implementation

This is a simple one page site built with Divi theme.  The start point for this project was a single press release.  In addition I designed the logo, colours and font choice for this site. Theme integration and page layout CSS Styling Responsiveness Logo design / Branding

Erin King Pet Photography

Tracey Development, Theme implementation

Erin came to me with a design in mind already so I implemented her chosen design using the Divi theme. There were some challenges with responsive CSS for the design but we got there.  It’s a fantastic site that shows off Erin’s personality and brand. After I blocked out the site layout, Erin added her own content and took time to learn as much as she could about Divi and wordpress. I gave support and answers to questions that arose but this now means she will be able to look after the site herself in the future.

Posh Pets Blog

Tracey Theme implementation

Karen already had a site with a design she loved which was not made with WordPress.  She had a second site which held her blog posts and some of her other information about her business.  It was slightly confusing for users navigating around the site due to the changes in design.  Using Divi,  I recreated the design of her non-wordpress site so that the user would have a more seamless experience moving between the different sites. CSS Theme implementation Responsive design Site Speed

Lenora Stein Photography

Tracey Theme implementation

Lenora wanted to learn wordpress and build as much of the site as she could herself.  I set up wordpress and her theme – Divi and added all the relevant plugins for security, speed etc.  Then I acted as a consultant/guide for her as she put the content in.  Once she had finished I then tidied up a few areas, and added the responsive CSS where necessary.  I really enjoy helping people help themselves so this was a great site to work on for me. Theme implementation CSS Styling Responsiveness