Becoming GDPR compliant with a wordpress site


*These are entirely my views, and I’m not a lawyer or GDPR expert.  Please do your own research or consult a lawyer if you’re unsure about anything.  Why Well let’s face it the world can be a bit of a nasty place.  Personal data is really valuable, and in the wrong hands it can be used to powerful effect (Facebook/ Cambridge Analitica???) People are always trying to hack your site, yes your tiny wordpress site.  And are you storing people’s personal data (you may be surprised at how much). So while it’s a right royal pain, I’m not that sad … Read More

Siteground – best wordpress hosting


Siteground Hosting - Special offer

I love Siteground hosting – it’s not a secret.  It is hands down the best hosting experience I’ve had.  And as a developer I do get a chance to sample a few host companies. But I know changing host is a major hassle for many of you…and you’ve already in a paid contract with [insert your host company name here]!  Well Siteground have got you covered as for one week only (September 1st to September 8th) they are removing these barriers and slashing the price! Wondering which hosting package you need? If you only have one site and you aren’t planning … Read More